Ice Age Excavation Pit

Children will have the opportunity to learn and play at being mini Palaeontologists by climbing into the fossil excavation pit and unearthing the skeleton of an Ice Age beast. The fossil excavation pit can hold up to 20 children at a time allowing school groups and families to dig together and discover what lies beneath the sand…..

Education Marquee Mini Cinema

Along the Ice Age walkthrough route will be an education cinema marquee for school groups and families to enter and watch educational documentaries about the Ice Age period on a large projection screen. Children and adults alike will enjoy a 30-min viewing experience and learn more in-depth information about how the Ice Age beasts lived tens of thousands of years ago.

Virtual Reality Experience

Step inside the world of Virtual Reality. The latest technology pulling you into a whole new immersive world and no doubt will be one of the highlights of the event, which will blow your mind! For a small additional fee, visitors will have the opportunity to sit in Virtual Reality pods with headsets. Visitors can choose from a handful of VR digital experiences which last approx. 5 minutes.